Transforming One Life, One Family at a Time


Kangsters was founded with the purpose enabling a long, healthy life for our family members and internal community. Our inventions were inspired by the needs of our family members. Today we share these inventions with families like yours to eliminate our biggest fears and open a new chapter of freedom and success together.

Today our inventions are being used in homes, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, welfare centers, and gyms to transform the lives of seated individuals and families around the world.

Our Leadership

CEO, Tyrion

Raised by disabled parents, including his mother suffering from polio in a wheelchair, Tyrion has dedicated his mission to improving the quality of life possible for the differently abled community.

COO, John

He and his family support his father who suddenly became paralyzed due to medical malpractice. He leads operations with his 7+ years of experience building his own physical product-based business that was eventually acquired. 

CTO, Simon

He and his family supports his father who using a wheelchair due to a stroke. He leads the engineering of our equipment with his 10+ years of leading product development from start to mass production.


Stanley Park

South Korean Record Holder IPC Athletics World Championship, Netherlands

South Korea, Ansan Disabled Sports Association, Coach

Yoonho On

Professional Para-Athlete

1st place in para-canoe at the 2019 National Para Games, 2021 National Para Games, and 2022 National Para Games

Dr. Donggu Kim
Rehabilitation Doctor
Upper Seoul Hospital Rehab Center, South Korea

We believe everyone deserves heart-pumping exercise

There's nothing like the release of endorphins after a great aerobic workout. 
It's not just exercise. It's the key to crushing depression, lethargy, dependency, and so much more.

We're proud that seated individuals are transforming their fitness, independence, families, and happiness with our award-winning and loved Heart-Pumping System, Wheely-X.

The stories of transformed stories of people like you and their families - are the reason we persist to inventions that will transform lives even further and help more people. 

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