Before and After Stories

Stories are listed in order by Age, starting with oldest age, and Injury, starting with High Spinal Cord Injuries to non-SCI conditions. 

Many Stories are translated from interviews with customers who speak Korean. 

You may access the interviews linked with those who were comfortable to video call. 

Thank you to the community members who graciously shared their stories.

Rehabilitation Doctor with SCI Injury

Dr. Donggu Kim, Upper Seoul Hospital

Achieved Change: I used Wheely-X for 8 weeks. I lost weight, increased my strength and endurance. It helped my bowel movements - the exercise on Wheely-X helps Giant Migrating Contractions that help move 1/3 of the large intestine. 

Uniqueness of Wheely-X: It made it really easy to exercise anytime. Since it includes workout videos like yoga, spinning that make it possible to combine stretching, endurance, aerobic exercise, and muscular training in one workout. 

People with Cervical Spinal Cord Injuries

Age: 45 Years Old, 
Injury: C456

Desired Change: Before using Wheely-X, I had been living a passive life at home. My lung capacity fell. I wanted to be able to increase my lung capacity. And I wanted to be able to push up the ramp to the front door of my home by myself. I was afraid my health would get worse. I want to be as healthy. 

Achieved Change: These days, I exercise for 30 minutes or an hour during the week. I’ve changed physically and psychologically. My wife gave birth to my baby last year. I feel more optimistic about my life and the future of my family. It’s not just me. My family has become more optimistic. Seeing them brighter gives me more positive energy.

Uniqueness of Wheely-X: When I learned about Wheely-X, I was not sure I would be able to push. But as soon I tried it at home, I realized there was no resistance - I could exercise as much as I wanted to. 

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Age: 42 Years Old, 
Injury: C45

Desired Change: Before using Wheely-X, my lung capacity was low. Talking for a long time made it hard to breathe. I had a lot of muscle and joint pain. A lot of people with my level of injury passed away due to pain or lack of lung capacity. I was anxious about ending up a in nursing or facility. I was depressed. I always thought exercise was not possible for me. But I really wanted to improve my lung function. I really wanted to increase my lifespan by exercising and becoming fit.

Achieved Change: When I first started using Wheely-X, it was difficult to go 500 meters per day. But now, I can push 1 kilometer per day! After starting to exercise, my muscle pain disappeared and now my joint pain is much lower. I recently did a fitness test and in the report, my lung capacity and strength increased. Life so much better now.

Uniqueness of Wheely-X: I can do home training anytime, no matter the weather.

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Age: 31 Years Old, 
Injury: C5

Desired Change:My arm strength is deteriorating so transfers are getting difficult. My family and my goal is to transfer by myself. I thought it would be nice to do cardio to improve my health and maintain my weight. 

Achieved Change: I use Wheely-X after strength training for 30 minutes for aerobic exercise. I use it for one hour on days I don’t strength train. I've lose weight. I’ve heard that my friends going through rehabilitation feel motivated when they see my posts of me exercising.

Uniqueness of Wheely-X: It’s difficult for people like me to exercise, but it was easy and gave me a good workout in a short time.

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Age: 47 Years Old, 
Injury: C6

Age: 48 Years Old, 
Injury: C67

Desired Change: I was a marathon runner for 10 years. I used to exercise outside, but I heard from my Therapist that my joints are not well because of that. As we get older, we get sick a lot. I’m afraid I’ll make my family suffer from hospital bills and die. I don’t want to be a burden to my family. I want to live healthy and maintain my physical strength. My stamina and strength go away fast if I don’t exercise. I bought Wheely-X to improve cardiopulmonary endurance and muscle strength.

Achieved Change: I exercise two to three time a week for about an hour. My strength has improved a lot. The biggest change is my constipation. A side effect of my medication is constipation. Now my constipation has decreased a lot. I used to get really stressed out whenever I wanted to go to the bathroom. Now it’s a lot more comfortable.

Age: 33 Years Old, 
Injury: C67

Desired Change: My injury happened 8 years ago. I’m concerned about being able to work and being married. Before Wheely-X, I tried to experience outside, but it was impossible because the ground was uneven. 

Achieved Change: I use Wheely-X for 30 minutes once a week and when the weather is bad. As I became able to do things I couldn't do one by one through exercise, I receive less help from my family and feel a sense of accomplishment. I feel more energized and positive.

Uniqueness of Wheely-X: Before ordering my Wheely-X, I was concerned about the size, but I found it was easy to fold and store. It’s also a good way of stretching my shoulders.

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People with Thoracic Spinal Cord Injuries

Age: 52 Years Old, 
Injury: T79C

Desired Change: After returning from the hospital from battling a pressure wound and ballooning to 200lbs, I wanted to lose my weight and become healthy. I wanted to protect my future health and my shoulders. I wanted to become more independent so my husband wouldn't have to help me as much, I saw my dependency was taking a toll on him

Achieved Change: I lost almost 40lbs and my transfers have become so much easier. My husband now trusts me to drive by myself. I even completed my first 6mile race! Life is much more exciting now, because I'm doing more of what I'm passionate about.

Uniqueness of Wheely-X:  Unlike pushing in my driveway, there was no stress on my shoulders. I could push and workout as hard as I wanted without putting my life in danger. Pushing and pulling my wheelchair helps me train my abs and back muscles. On Wheely-X, I'm able to bring together technique, endurance, strength, and cardio in one exercise. I love it.

Age: 27 Years Old, 
Injury: T7 ASIA B

Desired Change: When I gained weight, I saw myself dancing, but I wasn’t satisfied. I was really frustrated. I use Wheely-X on the weekend or after going to the gym for aerobic exercise. And when the weather is bad.

Achieved Change: I’ve lost 25 kg in 5 months. Because I regularly exercise, I am maintaining my weight around 60 kg. As I exercise, when I am with my family, my activity level has increased a lot with Wheely-X. My parents are not as worried anymore. They seem to have a greater sense of security. I think that maintaining a healthy body is the most important thing. Even when I am in my 40s and 50s, I want to maintain a body that can be active alone.

Uniqueness of Wheely-X:  I like Wheely-X because I can trust my stability on the machine and go up without any burden. I can activate my body more than weight lifting.  

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People with Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Age: 48 Years Old, 

Desired Change: After my stoke, my doctor recommended me to exercise. As soon as I saw Wheely-X, I had to have it. 

Achieved Change: When I tried to push my first 100m, it was so hard. I almost passed out. It’s been a year, now I push almost 2km everyday. Even when I’m tired, I still pushing further and future. I feel so accomplished after each workout. I feel my lifespan is extending. I feel so energized and capable. In my last trip with my family, I was not sore or tired. I was able to keep up with family. My whole life the lower half of my body was always cold, but now I can feel warmth down there. I’m almost reaching 500km since starting to exercise with Wheely-X, I’m going to push past 1,000km.

Uniqueness of Wheely-XI tried dumbbells and resistance bands, but they didn’t make my heart work hard. I own four cafes and Wheely-X made it very convenient to workout my heart in the morning or evening.